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Announcing our Winter Spitfire Club offerings!
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Is your girl missing her Spitfire Club? Or maybe your kiddo has always wanted to participate in Spitfire, but you've never been able? We're making lemonade out of these pandemic lemons: The Spitfire Club is now open to everyone!

This winter, in this time of tremendous challenges, we are focusing on JOY in our Spitfire Club programming. The science of happiness tells us that genetics and circumstances comprise between 70-80 percent of what makes someone "happy," with the remaining 20-30 percent hinging on choices, mindset, and habits. You can't control everything and we don't pretend that all circumstances lend themselves to happiness, or that you can sugarcoat your way to happiness. However, there are practical ways to cultivate inner peace and resilience, at least within the arenas that one can control. And, particularly in the midst of a pandemic (and let's not forget the political, economic, and social strife)... There has never been a better time for our kids to learn and build habits around cultivating and protecting their JOY. And, if nothing else, we hope that our six-week unit on happiness gives your girl at least an hour each week where she can retreat into play, connection, learning, and fun

Our JOY unit will begin the Week of February 15 and conclude the week of March 23. Signups are available at the following times: 

Pre-K - Kindergarten | Mondays from 4 - 4:45pm with Ms. Lorraine - FULL!

1st-3rd Grades | Mondays from 4 - 5pm with Ms. Amanda - FULL!

1st-3rd Grades | Tuesdays from 3 - 4pm with Ms. Amanda - FULL!

1st-3rd Grades | Wednesdays from 4 - 5pm with Ms. Amanda

1st-3rd Grades | Thursdays from 3 - 4pm with Ms. Amanda - 3 SPOTS LEFT!

4th-5th Grades | Fridays from 3 - 4pm with Ms. Kara - FULL!


Spitfire is free of cost and open to all. Join us! Tutoring and additional reading support are available to girls who are interested. Email amanda@thespitfireclub.org or text 202-684-5289 to learn more. 

Spitfire is funded by generous public support--if you would like to help cover the cost associated with this program, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to The Spitfire Club

Reading is one of the most important activities our kids can do right now. In addition to all of the normal benefits of reading, keeping in the habit of regular reading right now is particularly important to prevent "COVID slide." Reading also has the magical quality of being able to introduce us to new friends and transports us to different places at a time when we're unable to do so ourselves. Thanks for reading with us! 

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