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Spitfire Club Online

After two years of offering online programming during the pandemic, Spitfire has made the difficult decision to return fully to in-person programming. 

The reality is -- demand for in-person programming has surged beyond what we can accommodate and, as many aspects of our old lives return to "normal", demand for and engagement with our online programming has declined. We especially heard that the timing of online cohorts was difficult for working caregivers to accommodate, and our data suggest that the outcomes are stronger from our in-person programming, as well. 

Ultimately, we found that meeting the demand for our in-person programming is most aligned with our strategic plan and our equity objective of ensuring that Spitfire primarily exists to serve girls who face structural and systemic barriers to literacy, visibility, opportunity, and full liberation. Spitfire now has the opportunity to support kids whose education and wellbeing have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic as they reconnect with society, regain confidence in learning, and heal from two incredibly hard years.  


A Note for Spitfire Parents: Please know that this was a tough decision. Your kids aren't data or numbers, they're wonderful little people who each bring so much to our program. Spitfire had the tremendous privilege of working with 112 unique, vibrant, amazing kiddos online during this pandemic, many of whom were day-one Spitfires. As their parents, you rearranged their extracurricular schedules to accommodate ours, you reached out when they had asked several weeks in a row when their book club was starting up again, you shuffled your work schedule so that you could help her log in. I hope that your family will look back and say that afternoons online in Spitfire were consistently happy memories and that we provided a source of support during this long and challenging time. I hope that we're able to serve your kids in person again someday. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

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