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A new record: Spitfire distributes over 400 books!

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

We've always known that access to high-quality, new books is a critical component of early literacy. In 2020, when our Spitfires weren't in schools, libraries, or community centers, our kids desperately needed access to excellent, free books. There have been a lot of changes to how we do our work as a result of this time. One is that every Spitfire gets to choose #diversereads for their home libraries!

We're proud to say that, this term alone, we've distributed over 400 books to our participants!

Here's what our Spitfires were reading this fall:

(in no particular order. Note: a portion of the proceeds from purchases made using these links will benefit The Spitfire Club)

We're grateful to these amazing authors who tell fantastic stories, offering mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors, and demonstrating the power of all that it means to identify as female. Check them out!

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