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An "I Love You" Kind of Day

Updated: May 8, 2020

Download the "I Love You" Jar activity here:

The I Love You Jar
Download PDF • 358KB

At Spitfire, we're a big fan of women and mothers, but we also know that every family is different and that Mother's Day can be tricky and sometimes even hard or sad. We've actually never celebrated Mother's Day in Spitfire, but that doesn't quite feel right.

This year, we decided to give our Spitfire girls a chance to honor their amazing Spitfire Moms while also holding space for families that don't have a traditional "Mom", and those who have more than one Mom! This year, we're celebrating our first-ever "I Love You" Day! Every caregiver deserves to know that they are loved.

And, since we can't all be together to paint flower pots with handprints on them, we offer an at-home activity that anyone can use to let Mom or any caregiver know that they are loved and special.

Make your "I Love You" Jar using the link above, and check out our I Love You Day episode of Spitfire here!

With love,


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