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Big Announcement! Spitfire Summer Camp is coming this way!

Updated: Apr 21

The Spitfire Club has been hosting summer programming since day one -- heck, we began as a summer program! -- but this year, we're excited to reimagine what a Spitfire Summer could look like.

Rather than meeting with different small groups of Spitfires each week at different locations across town, we thought "what would it be like to have everyone together for a full week?" We're super excited that this summer, we get to try this out!

The concept: 30 - 45 Spitfires join Spitfire staff, summer camp volunteers, and Spitfire alumnae counselors-in-training for five full days chock-full of Spitfire fun, with transportation and meals included.

Why? During our strategic planning process, we heard a few things: Girls want more Spitfire, caregivers want more continuity in child care, and days when there is no school often become days spent on YouTube/TikTok. Rather than offer an hour of enrichment here and there, why not provide a solid block of childcare and excellent programming at a time when our girls will be itching to reunite with their peers?

We'll be finalizing details, recruiting volunteers, and drumming up sponsors in the coming weeks, but we're thrilled to share this development with you!

If you have any interest in supporting this project, please consider donating (to our Spring2ACTion campaign or directly through our website) and/or reach out to if you'd like to help out!

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