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Big News! Spitfire wins the ALX Community Atrium Office giveaway

We're still pinching ourselves. Spitfire is the newest member of ALX Community! We won a free office!

"Since ALX Community opened our doors in 2018, we’ve been committed to our social mission of giving back to the local community and empowering others to do the same. Now, we’re thrilled to announce an exciting giveaway for those who are passionate about investing in Alexandria’s growth, now and in the future: a six-month membership to a private, four-person office at our newest coworking space, The Atrium.

This winter, Spitfire is back, entirely in-person, and bigger than ever! But we're also officially at capacity, working with almost 90 girls each week across seven cohorts!! In fact, we're now having to turn down requests for new partnerships because we just can't grow to meet the demand.

Going into 2022, we knew that if we were going to overcome this challenge, we would need to quickly raise funds and expand our team. The only catch? Our business license doesn't allow for us to hire employees from a home office.

Enter: ALX Community. When we applied to the giveaway, we knew that it might be a long-shot. But we're thrilled to share that ALX Community saw our potential and took a bet on Spitfire.

Now, we can hit the ground running to achieve our ambitious goal of growing our team and expanding our reach to as many as 150 Spitfires served each term!!

Thanks, ALX Community!!! From now on, you'll find Spitfire at:

The Spitfire Club

277 S. Washington Street, Suite 210

Alexandria, VA 22314

PS - have you been to the Atrium yet? It's gorgeous!! Come visit us!

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