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DC Divas Visit The Spitfire Club

Updated: Jun 12


Spreading a love of football, respect for women in sports through reading

Alexandria, VA - April 15th - 19th, the DC Divas, DC's professional women's full-tackle football team, joined forces with The Spitfire Club, an Alexandria-based girls' empowerment reading program, to ignite a passion for sports in the hearts of young girls. Together, they aimed to inspire the next generation of girls to see themselves as powerful athletes in any sport they choose.

During their visit, the Divas took center stage as they led a captivating read-aloud session of their book, "A D.C. Divas Football Story." The book features Lois, a child protagonist who, in real life, now serves as the team's Vice President and plays as a Wide Receiver. Spitfire Club participants were inspired by Lois and imagined themselves as football players, too.

The Spitfire Club, currently leading a unit on Women in Sports, eagerly welcomed the DC Divas. Amanda Hazelwood, Spitfire Club Founder and Executive Director, expressed her excitement, saying, "It was powerful to watch our girls be shocked that there's a professional women's full-tackle football team, and then question why that is shocking to them. Girls can do anything, but representation is critical."

The visit from the DC Divas opened the girls' eyes to the endless possibilities and potential that lie ahead for them in the world of sports. “One girl declared that her visit with the Divas was the best day of her life. We may have a future football player on our hands” shared Hazelwood.

Rich Daniel, Owner and Team President of the Divas, shared his enthusiasm for the opportunity to advocate for women and girls in sports. “By showcasing the strength, skill, and determination of the Divas, we are breaking down barriers and inspiring young girls to pursue their athletic dreams fearlessly.”

This collaboration between the DC Divas and The Spitfire Club not only brought the love of football to the forefront but also highlighted the importance of gender equality in sports. By empowering young girls to see themselves as athletes, regardless of the sport they choose, the Divas and The Spitfire Club are making a lasting impact on the lives of these future game-changers.


The D.C. Divas are a three-time championship winning women's professional gridiron football team based in Washington DC. The D.C. Divas are on a mission to level the playing field for girls and women in sports. The D.C. Divas regular season is in full swing! Visit to view this season’s schedule and learn more about the team.

The Spitfire Club is an extracurricular book club based in Alexandria, Virginia. Built around a collection of children’s literature featuring strong, diverse female protagonists, Spitfire creates demand for and builds an inclusive community around diverse, girl-positive books. The Spitfire Club enhances literacy and social-emotional skills, nurturing each Spitfire member’s love of reading, love of self, and love for Spitfires across all communities. Visit to learn more.

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