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Meet the Mentors!

We are very lucky to have eight amazing volunteer mentors working with small groups of Spitfires this school year!

April is volunteer appreciation month and our volunteers are certainly worthy of appreciation! Our mentors dedicate 90 minutes each week to read, play, and bond with their small group of Spitfires and have been doing this for the past five months! We're grateful to Jen and Kaitlyn, our returning mentors from our pilot program last year, and we've loved getting to know Heather, Alina, Katharine, Alison, Katy, and Laurie this year as our newest mentors.

"Spitfire is my favorite two hours of the week," shared Katharine. "You can feel this sense of belonging every week. Where school is about growth and checklists, Spitfire Club is about deepening who you are. I've been so proud of how many girls are better readers than when we first started, but I'm so much more proud of how confident our girls are to read aloud or to participate in each week's discussion."

We'll be beginning our mentor recruitment for next school year soon! If joining this small army of amazing volunteers sounds like something you're feeling called to do, contact us to learn more!

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