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Solve, Not Serve with Kelly and Amanda

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Join Spitfire Club's Board Chair Kelly Griffin and Founder Amanda Hazelwood for a conversation on harnessing the power of the social sector in Alexandria (and beyond!) for transformational change as we discuss Kelly's new book, Solve, Not Serve: What Other Nonprofit Management Books Won’t Tell You.

What: TALX at ALX-Community

When: Thursday, November 17 at 5:30pm

Where: ALX Community - Atrium | 277 S. Washington Street, Alexandria VA 22314

Solve, Not Serve explores how nonprofit organizations can be more effective in solving big societal problems. Those of us who work for, volunteer with, or support nonprofits believe we’re making the world a better place, but few nonprofits are actually improving people’s lives in long-term, sustainable ways. Most of the big problems - like poverty, housing, hunger, mental health management, and discrimination - are as bad or worse today than decades ago.

With more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the US alone, what’s going on? The short answer is that strategic errors, inefficiencies, and fear keep organizations mediocre when they could be stellar. In short, we need to go upstream.

Solve, Not Serve features insights from dozens of innovative nonprofit leaders, funders, and independent thinkers who are on the frontlines solving these societal problems. Kelly offers ideas and inspiration for us all to more effectively make the world a better place.

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