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Spitfire is Moving! Again!

Great news! Spitfire is moving into our permanent home!

We are incredibly grateful to our friends at Volunteer Alexandria, who have invited us to share space in their new Del Ray offices! From now on, you'll find Spitfire at:

The Spitfire Club

2202 Mt. Vernon Ave, Suite 200

Alexandria, VA 22301

Why are we moving? Spitfire is in the midst of significant growth -- we're hiring our first Programs Manager, adding more Spitfire Club cohorts, and bringing new volunteers into our work. Back in January, Spitfire won a free six-month rental period with ALX Community, which was awesome! But that free period has now concluded and it's time we found a permanent home.

✨Want to help us avoid throwing out our backs? Our library is quite large and it's going to be heavy. Consider chipping in $10 to our "moving fund"!

(You can also give through our website if you'd prefer)

We're so excited about all of the big, bold steps we have been able to take this year and we're incredibly grateful to our generous supporters who have made this possible.

Last thing: Come celebrate these big moves with us!! Mark your calendar to stop by for Volunteer Alexandria + Spitfire's Open House on September 29 from 4 - 8pm! It will be a free evening of fun, food, and friendship on "The Avenue."

Stay tuned for more details! Hope to see you soon!

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