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We need your random stuff!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

August 2022 Update: We have so much random stuff now - thank you! Spitfire is about to move into a new office, so we are no longer in need of random stuff. Please consider donating your items to UpCycle!

I'm not even sure what to call it, but we need it! Do you live in the Northern Virginia/DC Metro area? We need your toilet paper rolls, your random assortments of rubber bands, your buttons that you hang onto but never seem to use... We can use them!

This fall, we're doing a creativity unit -- focusing on what experts refer to as "small c" creativity -- that encourages outside-the-box thinking, and we'll be using an assortment of found household objects for our creativity kits. No two kits will be the same, so don't overthink whether your items might be useful. You'd be surprised what kids can do with this stuff!

Here's a list of the types of things we could use:

  • rubber bands

  • shoe boxes

  • paper clips

  • toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls

  • broken toys - especially wheel-like things!

  • school glue (I have a lifetime supply of glue sticks)

  • rulers

  • plastic bottles

  • coffee cans and similarly-shaped cans

  • ribbon

  • tempera paint and/or watercolor paint 

  • paint brushes

  • paper plates

  • scrap fabric

  • string, yarn, and wire

  • duct tape and painters tape

  • sidewalk or school chalk

  • sequins, glitter and other shiny things

You can put your small "c" creativity to use and drop off things that aren't on our list, as well! Just make sure that items don't have any food or other residue in them...

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