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We're building an Advisory Board!

Updated: May 8, 2019

We're trying something new (to us) here at Spitfire: building a Curriculum Development Advisory Board. Read on to learn more! 

If you're interested, let us know! Know someone who may be interested? Send them this post!

Are you an educator who is also passionate about girls' empowerment? Join The Spitfire Club's Curriculum Development Advisory Board!

The Spitfire Club is an extracurricular reading program for girls (think "Girl Scouts meets book club").  We believe that by creating demand for and building community around diverse, girl-positive books, we can nurture each girl's love of reading and love of self. Spitfire partners with outside-of-school-time programs (schools, PTA-run clubs, recreation centers, libraries, and similar groups) to offer hour-long Spitfire Clubs on a weekly basis. Founded in August of 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia, The Spitfire Club has served over 165 girls since we began; we currently operate through six different partnerships in Northern Virginia.  Our goal is to build an organization that can grow its programs and expand its geographic reach to serve more girls and achieve greater impact. The Curriculum Development Advisory Board is key to this goal!

Advisory Board Member responsibilities include: 

  • Providing expertise and perspective on The Spitfire Club's programming and curriculum

  • Reviewing and improving lesson plans and/or providing feedback on new curriculum/activities

  • Offering insight and recommendations on innovation, trends, and best practices in education and literacy

We are particularly interested in individuals with a background in reading/literacy development with emerging and early readers, but we also appreciate educators with similar experience in earlier and later phases of literacy development. Our lessons always incorporate elements from auxiliary subjects like visual arts, music, history, movement and fun!, STEM and other interactive subjects, so specialists in these areas are also very welcomed.

The Spitfire Club's curriculum is designed to feature protagonists and stories that are representative of our society.  We welcome and encourage individuals with diverse racial/ethnic/language backgrounds to consider joining our Curriculum Development Advisory Board.

Please direct all inquires to

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