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Welcoming our New Mentors to Team Spitfire!

This fall, we're very excited to welcome two new Spitfire Mentors to our team! Introducing, Ms. Kara Cashwell and Ms. Lorraine Rios!

Both Ms. Kara and Ms. Lorraine bring amazing energy, huge passion for reading and girls' empowerment, and a depth of experience that will serve them well in Spitfire Clubs! As Spitfire women, themselves, we know our Spitfire girls will have a blast reading and playing with them this fall!

About Ms. Kara

Kara Cashwell lives in Northern Virginia and has been a teacher for nearly a decade, specializing in reading and literacy instruction. A 2018 Teacher of the Year Nominee, Kara loves teaching and finding new ways to impart critical learning skills. "My favorite moments in teaching are always when an academic conversation inspires curiosity beyond the curriculum." She is also the founder of My Rockin' Tutor, a private tutoring firm that does 1:1 tutoring, small group learning, and parent coaching. Kara is passionate about diverse representation in books and has always been a book pioneer - something that drew her to Spitfire Club years ago. Kara loves to travel and can boast stamps in her passport from Ghana, Dubai, Nepal, Thailand, Canada, Mexico, and The Dominican Republic!

About Ms. Lorraine

Lorraine Rios specializes in media sciences as a school librarian, but she began her professional career as a chemical engineer AND she is also an illustrator! In addition to being a real renaissance woman, she grew up in Puerto Rico and is bilingual. Lorraine is also very proud to share that she is "the FUN aunt!" She brings tremendous energy and a passion for inspiring our younger learners. "For me, learning should be a hands-on experience that is palpable and fun. Dancing, singing, making silly movements and sounds, drawing, sculpting, building, and more are great activities that help students remember, deepen their understanding, and fall in love with what they are learning." Lorraine also leads some great courses on Outschool, which you should definitely check out sometime.

We are so excited to welcome both of these fabulous educators to our team! And, on behalf of all of us here at Spitfire, we're looking forward to an excellent new learning season! Cheers!

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