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Celebrating Women in Sports

Updated: Jun 12

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We had an amazing time closing out our school year programming with a special nonfiction unit on Women in Sports.

Each week, we guided our Spitfires through titles featuring exceptional female athletes and learned more about their events and about their lives. The unit featured

We're thrilled that each of our Spitfire cohorts also received a special guest visit from DC Divas players themselves, who guest read, taught our Spitfires how to throw a football, and led us through some drills and training exercises. A huge thanks to the Divas for the time and energy they dedicated to working with our girls!

Our unit culminated into small group projects where our Spitfires made a doll from upcycled materials in the likeness of their favorite athlete that we studied.

To learn more or see footage from our Women in Sports unit, visit our Instagram

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