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On Dobbs, Girls' Empowerment, and Being the Protagonist of Your Own Story

At Spitfire, we're working to build a world where every girl is empowered to be the protagonist of her own story, understanding her role in a more inclusive and equitable society. In fact, that's our official vision statement, which guides all of our work.

The right to control your body, your health and safety, and your future is a prerequisite to being the empowered protagonist of your own story. As a girls' empowerment organization, last week's Dobbs v. Jackson decision from the US Supreme Court is a hindrance to our goals and runs counter to our values.

Though the Dobbs decision is the most recent blow, it isn't the first and unfortunately it won't be the last. We stand in solidarity with those fighting for the right to bodily autonomy, as well as those seeking to eliminate the scourge of gun violence, white supremacy, income inequality, gender inequality, environmental inequality, and sundry other forces that limit the power of girls and female-identifying youth to realize their full potential and to have the freedom to chart their own course in life.

The mounting challenges our Spitfires face is daunting, but we can't give up hope. Now, more than ever, it is critical that we teach our children -- of any gender -- that it is a fundamental right to be in charge of their own body, and to fight to make it so. We must do better for future generations.

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